Sebastian Stan being adorable at the D23 Expo (2013)

  • someone: we finish each other's s-


DUM-E tries to make friends with the new robot arm, doesn’t realize there’s a person attached to it


so I was wearing a Captain America shirt on my run today and TWO separate people shouted ‘ON YOUR LEFT’ at me

sometimes the world is a wonderful and magical place



Your icon is violently in love with you for 5 weeks how screwed are you


see that girl you just called a lesbian? is she? can you help me get her number?


make shorter posts im too lazy to read

Saints Row 4 Romances 


Saying “I have seen sixteen winters” makes you sound so much older and more mature and experienced than saying “I’m sixteen year old”


*prosecuting lawyer voice* i have only one question for the defendant… ‘guiltypersonsayswhat?’
haha owned you’re going to jail



First let me say this… the Cumberfans are the best fans I’ve ever encountered. Fandom meetings in real life are beautiful. Total strangers were chatting about university together, jumping up and down excited, sharing information about various events & celebrities, debating the feminism, status & fame, acting techniques, rude fans, life the universe and everything. Without fighting and without angst. Sharing taxis, exchanging URLs, it was astounding. All sorts of ages and genders and cosplays and just. Woah.

Now, to the stuff you all might actually care about…


  • Benedict did the Smaug voice. And the Khan voice. Plus his Alan Rickman impression. Let me tell you now the Smaug voice is the thing of actual nightmares when reverberating inside a large room.
  • He played us music on his phone. He has some really good taste in music.
  • There was a very subtle murmur of laughter every time he swore.
  • As is typical, he talked for ages and ages, getting really involved in every question.
  • He, uh. He’s really warm. And he clearly very much enjoys pointing at people.
  • Mostly, the crowd was good. Lots of cheering- when an interview was played on the projector, when the chair was brought out for him to sit on… I’m everyone running the event assumed we were kinda… hysterical.
  • One lady was literally carried out of the photo area, having fainted. I didn’t see it happen but when she was carried in everyone applauded her, and applauded her again when she sat down. Supportive crowd.
  • Towards the end the Q & A the strict format about who could ask questions broke down- everyone was running out of time and he was being a cheeky fuck. This was a bit awkward, though I don’t doubt he’s managed worse. He kept his answers short and non-serious to save time and avoid potential confrontation.
  • Oz Comic Con played a video featuring his Thriller dance before he came onstage. The crowd clearly knew this was bad, bad news- they would cheer during every other part but the Thriller parts. Benedict came out dancing to a song on his phone, giving us some ‘legal dancing’ to use instead of the illegal dancing. He then sat down and explained about the video- most fans probably knew already, but clearly the staff picking the videos didn’t. Somebody will probably get in trouble for that. But Benedict was calm and informative about the whole thing, and made sure he kept the tone light, as he came out dancing. Well handled, IMO.
  • Pleased to hear he’s been enjoying Australia. Jumping out of planes, surfing, dinners, vineyards, that kind of thing.
  • If you look at just the picture of him and I I think it’s possible to see my hand holding onto his shirt. I was emotional, though L was worse. Excitement can be a really ‘feel it in the atmosphere’ kind of thing.
  • Told us a really lovely story about meeting a childhood friend at a con without any warning at all and having a reunion.
  • When asked about tricky subjects (autism in Sherlock and Julian Assange generally) he was careful but stated his opinions eloquently and respectfully. 
  • He was quite cold and did some big shivers and silly voices. Was also obviously tired from a long day and had wine brought over.
  • Had some lovely banter with the fans.
  • Talked about upcoming projects.
  • Talked about geek culture.
  • Gave some advice on acting that was, I think, really beautiful life advice generally and I wish I’d been able to record it because that really should be quoted everywhere.
  • I’m sure there is a lot more that I can’t remember right now.

I’ll make another post, maybe with some better photos. Will also talk a bit more about my day generally- hotels, etc. But I really wanted to get down my thoughts and feelings early on. And if you were there and want to talk, or if you want to ask specifics about anything, go right ahead!!!

Hope the fan that fainted is alright!